Certificate III in Driving Operations (Bus) TLI31216


We are pleased to deliver this course in partnership with Ctrain (R.T.O no. 91002). http://ctrain.com.au/cert-111-driving-operations-bus/

Our course is designed for people currently employed as bus drivers. The objective of the course is to improve driver performance, awareness and engagement

By offering a paid training program, employers demonstrate a commitment to self-improvement for the employee, who in turn feels valued.

What our course provides

A commitment to working with the bus industry to help plan and deliver customer focused public transport services, provided by well trained and engaged staff.

Training specifically focussed on bus operations, not as an adjunct to a core trucks and freight training business.

With all bus companies facing issues of attracting and retaining staff, offering training in this qualification helps retain engaged and motivated staff, delivering quality service and customer experience.

Course structure

Our course structure is based around

  • Safety
  • Customer
  • Communications
  • Workplace

The focus areas are then delivered across four stages (induction, awareness, interacting, responding)

Stage 1 can be delivered as part of the company induction process, and focuses primarily on Safety and the Workplace. Defensive driving is a key area for Stage 1 safety training.

Later stages broaden and complement the on-going focus on safety and the workplace by introducing the subject areas of customer, and communications.

Duration and flexibility

The course is delivered over two years, which allows for practical implementation, observation reports and one on one follow ups between each training session

Training can be delivered in half day or full day sessions, to match the operational requirements of each bus company, and to reflect the specific requirements for each Unit of Competency

Course duration can also be tailored to specific company and/or individual requirements

Training sessions

All units of competency are delivered through workplace based training in bus company training rooms, depots and vehicles.

Training delivery is designed to develop the knowledge and skills that underpin the designated units of competency.

Training activities are focussed on group workshops, presentations, discussion, brainstorming, activities and questions, workplace observation and mentoring

Specific delivery plans, assessment plans and resource requirements are developed with each employer prior to course commencement

Assessment and validation

Assessment activities are included within the classroom based training to ensure that the participants have no requirement to undertake written assignments after the training session

Workplace mentors also provide observational reports for practical on the job performance evidence associated with particular units of competency

All assessment tools are validated and mapped against criteria and evidence requirements

All non-practical assessment tasks can be completed and submitted in hard copy or on line

The course is delivered by Transport Training and Planning.
Our Partner Registered Training Organisation is Ctrain (RTO no. 91002):

For more information on the course, or to discuss specific training requirements please contact
Michael Lister
Ph: 0417 272 223;
e: michael@ttandp.com.au, or use the contact form on the Contact Us page of this website